Since 2016,a personal pollution protection product called EA Mask has landed in Hong Kong. EA Mask is a product from Japan. It does not appear like a conventional disposable mask but looks like a plastic badge of a one dollar coin size. The breaking through technology in EA Mask is that this little badge can generate extremely low and safe concentration of chlorine dioxide to purify the air within 1 cubic meter around it, continuously for as long as 30 days. Many tests have confirmed its performance to sanitize, even better than filtering, the air to 99.9% germ and virus free condition.

EA Mask Blue

There have been also many users’ reviews of it saying it is indeed a miracle badge which helps filter or refresh the air and reduce greatly the chance of getting a cold, or shorten the recovery period after you contracted a flu.

Although it has not been as common as you see someone wearing a conventional air filtering mask on the street of Hong Kong, you do occasionally see some people, especially people with rhinitis have the EA Mask attached to their clothes or backpacks. Yes, EA Mask can help relieve the pain from rhinitis very effectively. Many reviews have even shown COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) have relieved their pain a lot after wearing EA Mask because It filers or purifies the air and make it cleaner before breathing into the body. Another big yes is that you don’t even need to “wear” the EA Mask and “mask” your face, you just need to attach the filter to your clothes or any accessories around you, like your backpack or handbag. It will perform the same way to purify the air from pollution and protect you from being attacked by germs and virus.

EA Mask Hong Kong

Air pollution can be any substance toxic to your body when inhaling. Formaldehyde is one detrimental substance that conventional air filtering mask cannot even block.

Formaldehyde is found almost everywhere in modern living environment that you can hardly avoid of. Many new innovation product have attempted to remove formaldehyde from the air but due to its continuously releasing nature from objects around you, no technology have successfully claims it can protect you 24 hours a day until EA Mask is invented, because it is really a personal air filtering device help cleaning the air from formaldehyde 24 hours a day and 30 days a month.

Pollution can also be odor. Smell like sweat, cigarette smoke, body odor and old man smell can also be removed and filtered by wearing EA Mask. In many homes for elderly of Japan, old people very welcome the technology brought from EA Mask as it helps them to remove embarrassing old man smell and in the meantime reduce their chance of getting cold. When they purchase EA Mask in Japan from the elderly homes, the government insurance will cover 100% for their purchase.

One last tip about using EA Mask is that after you wear it for 30 days, don’t throw it away. You can still put it inside your shoes or boot to keep the odor away for as long as a year! Try it. It is really an amazing little badge.